Sunday, May 21, 2017

Introducing Ginger Thom

On the 11th Nov 2016 we picked up our ginger kitten from a work collegue whose partner found 2 dumped kittens in a box outside his work.  They were approximately 2 weeks old and were hand reared by this lovely couple.  We were privileged to take little ginger Thom.
 Thom and Millie
Little Thom kitten
 The day we brought him home
 Settling in on the sofa
 Getting close to Chloe
Shilo was fascinated by Thom
Trying to get close to Jake
 Playing with Hogan's tail
With the dead baby bunny Jake brought home for Thom.

Arnie (2002 - 3 Nov 2016)

Arnie disappeared on the 3rd Nov 2016.  It was not unusual for him to be away from home overnight or even once 2 weeks but this time it didn't feel right.  We called him that night expecting him to return during the night meowing as he did to announce he was home.  Sadly that did not happen so next day after I got home, I took the dogs for a walk up the drive.  When I spotted Poppy and then Shilo looking in a drain under the neighbour's drive, I thought I had better investgate.  It was Arnie.  He was half in the drain and definitely dead.  I picked him up and carried him home so we could say goodbye properly and bury him with the others.
This is the last photo I have of Arnie sitting on my legs while I was sewing the binding on my niece's quilt.  He was a real character cat and a mean hunter.  He lived a good full life with us after we rescued him and his brother Forrest from a forest out of Dargaville where they had been dumped.  He was 14.5 years old and outlived his brother by 7 years.
 Arnie was really confident with the dogs and was often found close to one of them.  In this case it is Shilo who really wasn't so sure.
 A group of tabbies - Arnie back left with Bruno and in front Forrest.  They are altogether again.
 Always in the centre of things.
With Jake.
Hanging out with Hogan.
We were due to get a ginger kitten the week after Arnie left us.  I was so looking forward to Arnie training the new one but sadly he left before that happened.
RIP Arnie 
Life is much quieter without you.

Brocketsway Shilo Rose (5 Nov 2006 to 8 Feb 2017)

Little Miss Shilo

Shilo left us after dinner on Tuesday 7th Feb 2017. Originally I started this blog to record her puppy adventures.  At the time I was a blog novice and realised this was public and deleted all of that history. I had saved it on my computer but subsequently lost the hard drive. Now I wish I had those memories.
Shilo was the most gorgeous puppy.  She was the youngest we had experienced at 7 weeks old and when she arrived was smaller than the cats.
She was very adventurous and probably was not trusted alone on our property for longer than any of the others.  She was an independent spirit from the beginning but was loyal to her big brother Rocky and sister Casey.  Casey played with her from start but Rocky wouldn't even look at her.
She grew into a beautiful girl and was lots of fun.  She loved doing agility and did it with lots of noise and passion.
Shilo was still competing at agility the weekend before she showed signs of being really sick.  She was only just 10 years, 3 months old and that really was too young to leave us.  We miss her so much.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bon's Casey on Fire (Casey) 10 Mar 1999 to 26 Feb 2015

The day arrived that we had to make the decision to farewell Casey.
We had a lovely week at Matarangi and although she spent most of her time at the bach walking round and round the the house, she was well and showed signs of the beautiful girl she was.

 We took her to the wharf a couple of times for a paddle.

 She was good and walked well.
 A family shot
A tired girl.  
After walking around the bach she would crash and sleep 
for a while.  Here she is crashed at the water bowl.
It felt like she deteriorated on the last day and got quite distressed in the car 
when we got caught up in rush hour traffic on the way home.
  She could hardly stand when we got home. 
We gave her a day at home and she had a lot of trouble standing and would end up
lying down.  Here Arnie is keeping her company.  He has been a constant companion to her
and I am grateful that she made it home.  This photo was taken on the morning
we had her put to sleep.  She hadn't improved and it was time to relieve her of pain.
It was a really hard day but she had a good long life and she was no longer able to walk freely 
and had stopped eating her dinner unless I helped her.  
At  midday on the 26th Feb 2015
I helped my best friend of nearly 16 years pass to Rainbow Bridge.
Tribute To A Best Friend
Sunlight streams through window pane
unto a spot on the floor....
then I remember,
it's where you used to lie,
but now you are no more.
Our feet walk down a hall of carpet,
and muted echoes sound....
then I remember,
It's where your paws would joyously abound.
A voice is heard along the road,  
and up beyond the hill,
then I remember it can't be yours....
your golden voice is still.
But I'll take that vacant spot of floor
and empty muted hall
and lay them with the absent voice
and unused dish along the wall.
I'll wrap these treasured memorials
in a blanket of my love
and keep them for my best friend
until we meet above.
Author Unknown

Friday, August 8, 2014

Introducing Hogan (Kiwibeatz Mister Hogan)

On the 1st July I was approached by my friend Paula to see if we were
ready for another Border Collie.  We hadn't planned on getting another one so soon
after Rocky but it seems that this was meant to be.  After some discussion and
checking out of photos we agreed to take this little Mister.
The photo that won me.
On the 11th July we drove down to Pirongia early to meet and collect the newest addition to our family.
Lil Mister or Mister as Paula called him, was her favourite from the litter and she 
wanted to keep him but couldn't so we are now the privileged owners of
Kiwibeatz Mister Hogan (Hogan)
whelped 23rd May 2014. 
Saying goodbye to Paula
 Sitting up looking forward in his crate ready for the trip home.
Happy wee man with the toy from his father.
Sleeping puppy
 Checking out his new home
 The old girl waiting to mark the spot
 Meeting Arnie
Settled like he has been here forever.

Chicks and Chickens

On the 7th June we had 6 chicks hatched out of the 6 eggs that 2 hens were
sitting on.
There are 4 white and 2 brown chicks.
This photo taken 29th June 2014
The 2 hens started fighting so the brown one was removed.
I made an outside enclosure so they could move about a bit.
Johnny Snow the Rooster looking in.  He was the only survivor
from the 2 chicks hatched last year.
DH put some branches in the play pen and the chicks  are climbing them.
On the 25th July I found one white chick sitting by itself with its head tucked
side ways.  Brought it inside as it was cold and kept it in the cat cage thinking it 
was about to die.  It perked up and was getting about so put it back with the others that
afternoon.  Checked later and the hen had pushed it out.  Put it back in the cat cage and
kept it inside overnight. It was looking good and chirping so put it out in with the others again.
 White hen and the 5 chicks, 2 Aug 2014
Here it is now.  The white hen wouldn't let it back in  so set up a little hutch 
and put one of the gold hens with the chick.  The first night I had to place it
with the hen but after that she seems to have kept it warm.  It holds its head to the 
side sometimes but is certainly eating and being kept warm.